Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Recognizing how vital diversity, inclusion and employment equity are to our clients, we take these principles very seriously. We have taken concrete steps to incorporate them into our process to serve clients and candidates better.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are about appreciating differences among employees while shielding them from discrimination. It places the focus on fairness, representation, and equal opportunities irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, faith, nationality, disability, or age. 

We cannot overstate the meaning of diversity and inclusion in healthcare. Serving the needs of a diverse population, our healthcare institutions must take the appropriate measures to improve diversity and inclusion and cultural competence. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce, including executives and administration, that reflects the community it serves is a great first step.

Studies show that equity, diversity, and inclusion in healthcare boost both patient experience and outcomes. Improving patient care quality requires a rich and diverse workforce – and an inclusive recruitment process. As organizations strive to deliver patient-centred models of care, these models must mirror the diverse perspectives of the patients and the communities that they serve. Therefore, it stands to reason that organizational leaders must also bring these diverse perspectives. 

You can count on Mirams Becker to ensure that diversity and inclusion are built into every stage of the search process.

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To ensure a pool of candidates that reflects rich Diversity, we will:

  • connect with the vast network of relationships we have built across urban and remote communities, various professional organizations, and business groups that are reflective of cultural and ethnic groups within Canada;

  • identify and utilize media outlets – online and print – that are targeted to different groups representative of the diversity of the Canadian community;

  • search our database of executives to identify those that have self-identified as racialized, indigenous, disabled persons, women, or who belong to other marginalized groups;

  • leverage the insight we have gained through previous searches where the successful candidate was required to be a member of a equity deserving group, or the organization emphasized inclusion in its mandate.


To build in Inclusion, we will:

  • lead conversations with search committees about the terminology used in advertisements and in the candidate brief and create material that is neutral, with respect to differences of culture, gender and ability;

  • ensure that the opportunity and the process is accessible to everyone, regardless of their diversity, abiding by accessibility requirements (e.g., AODA policies) as it relates to compliant facilities and accommodations for clients and candidates;

  • assess leadership skills in a culture-free and non-biased manner (e.g., through evaluation matrices, based on the competencies set out for the role);

  • both Penny and Hayley have participated in unconscious bias training and have had experience facilitating discussions on unconscious bias with search committees.
No where is DEI more important than in health care. As organizations strive to deliver patient-centered models of care, it is critical that these models reflect the diverse perspectives of the patients and the communities that they serve. It stands to reason that organizational leaders must bring these diverse perspectives.

DEI Workshops

Guided dialog, encourage you to be reflective, opportunity to learn and seek additional training

We want you to have an expanded understanding of the importance and meaning of diversity and inclusion in healthcare. Our workshops are designed to provide you with enhanced knowledge, awareness, and strategies to support diversity and inclusion to help you more effectively and sensitively address the needs of the patients and communities your organization serves.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

60 minute guided workshop, taking a look at types of implicit bias, how it impacts recruitment and selection processes.

Anti-oppressive practices

60 minute guided workshop on the impacts of colonialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and ableism. How to build anti-oppressive practices in hiring and onboarding

Anti-Oppressive Practices
Systems Thinking & Theory of Change

Systems thinking and theory of change

60 minute workshop on understanding the social determinants of health and how to engage systems thinking for critical engagement and implementing change


60 minute guided workshop on understanding intersectionality and how it interfaces with recruitment and hiring to establish more inclusive cultures.


Carissa Gravelle

Carissa Gravelle (she/her) is a registered social service worker in the area of community development. Carissa describes herself as a social justice and change advocate. She is passionate about anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, young people, under-represented populations, mental health and wellness. She has worked in the non-profit sector for over a decade spearheading EDIA initiatives, training and programs.
Carissa’s educational background is in social service work. She completed her Diploma from Sheridan College and holds a Bachelors in Equity, Diversity and Human Rights from Laurentian University. She champions initiatives advancing health equity for marginalized populations and believes in the importance of educating through story-telling and intentional meaningful dialogue to change perceptions and inspire social change. Carissa currently works at Heart & Stroke Foundation advancing health equity and partnerships.

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