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Mirams Becker specializes in healthcare executive recruiting and securing senior-level candidates. Given the unique demands of healthcare leadership jobs, ours is focused particularly on executive-level recruitments, as well as working with and placing public sector Board Directors. 

As a pre-eminent healthcare headhunting agency, we have experience recruiting across a number of functional areas within provider health settings, including medical, clinical and non-clinical roles, from the Director level up.  In addition, we have conducted leadership searches in a range of non-provider settings. 

With the current crisis in health care, it will take highly skilled and talented healthcare leadership to inspire and institute the transformation we need despite shrinking budgets and increased demand. 

Underpinned by our commitment to healthcare transformation, our proven methodology helps us identify the best candidates with the right skills, expertise, and mindset for your healthcare organization. 

We help our clients prepare for what’s to come. Let’s discuss your unique role and environment, tailoring our process to meet your individual demands and requirements. Talk to us!

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Leadership Assessment

Venn Diagram of The Bright Side, Dark Side, and Inside, following the Hogan Assessment

As your organization evolves, find tomorrow’s talent – today. We help you identify the right people for the right role. With the talent that can evolve along with your organization.

With our experience and expertise, we assess prospective candidates utilizing the best in methodology – scientific and research tools. The results of our assessment process will inform your talent recruitment and hiring process.

Mirams Becker Leadership Advisor, Tom Magyarody, will support clients in making informed decisions through the hiring and onboarding process. The Hogan tool provides valuable insight into how people work, how they lead and how successful they will be; recognize and mitigate performance risks before they become a problem; and understand what motivates candidates to succeed and in what type of position, job, and environment they will be the most productive.

Tom will support talent acquisition and executive coaching by leveraging the Hogan Assessment process, which harnesses the science of personality to predict workplace performance.  75% of Fortune 500 companies depend on Hogan Assessments to examine personality from every angle.  By measuring each individual’s “bright” side, “development” side, and the motivators and drivers of their personality, Hogan Assessments helps achieve the highest level of predictive validity in the industry.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

Blocks of all Colors representing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Mirams Becker EDI Advisor, Carissa Gravelle, provides a range of educational training and workshop sessions that seek to strengthen understanding and advance equity practices.

We know how important diversity is in a healthcare industry executive search. The hiring process, as in greater healthcare, must ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is vital for a healthcare headhunting agency to accurately identify and draw out potential biases in the sourcing, screening and shortlisting of viable candidates.

To ensure that staff, including executives, reflect the patients and the community they serve, diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare must be fundamental to the hiring process. This means a review and analysis of a healthcare organization’s data – where is your organization today? Take regular stock of your roster of possible leadership employees and identify if you lack diversity in your executive search process. To ensure you have the most qualified and diverse candidates possible, don’t wait until you’ve shortlisted to make the necessary adjustments.

We design our workshops to provide you with enhanced knowledge, awareness, and strategies to support diversity and inclusion to help you better address the needs of the patients and communities your organization serves.

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Interim Executive Search


Mirams Becker would be pleased to offer Interim Executive recruitment services by connecting you to seasoned senior leaders to fill talent gaps for the short to medium term. 

Interim leadership can be a very valuable tool to organizations for a variety of reasons. Our clients often request this support to provide short term stability and momentum, while allowing the hiring manager and/or selection committee the gift of time to execute a thorough and thoughtful executive search process. 

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Mirams Becker is a Retained Executive Search Firm dedicated to the Healthcare Sector. With a customized approach to search, we connect our clients to top talent that will support them into the future!

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