Event: Joy in Work Nicety or Necessity with Dr Chris Hayes, Longwoods Leadership Discussion

Hayley Becker

April 24, 2023 – Mirams Becker was thrilled to support the Longwoods Leadership Discussion with Dr. Chris Hayes, Chief Information Officer, Trillium Health Partners. The session was titled Joy in Work: Nicety or Necessity.

The predicted shortage of the healthcare workforce has reached a crisis state. National and provincial agencies are advocating for greater resources and new strategies to close the gap required to deliver healthcare services to Canadians. However, most of these recommendations are aimed at increased funding to augment recruitment and clear healthcare need backlogs. Although retention strategies are included, they do not address the fact that the work environment is a local issue, one that healthcare organizations need to address with local strategies. This discussion will focus on the need for and methods to improve local sense of meaning and purpose, reduced burden and increased joy in work.

Watch the session below: